Mosaic Tile Supplies

Mesh-Mount Paper, Fiberglass & Tape is a leading source of mosaic tile supplies. Our products include perforated paper and fiberglass meshes, as well as specialty adhesive film, Tile Tape, for mounting stone, ceramic and glass tiles in making mosaics, borders, accents, listellos and medallions. The paper and Fiberglass meshes are typically used for back mounting, while the tape is for front or face mounting.

Front-Mount Tile Tape

Several years ago we developed Tile Tape to enhance our line of mosaic tile supplies, a front-mount clear adhesive film which is strong enough to hold tiles and mosaic pieces for packaging, transit, and installation, but is designed to release after installation without leaving adhesive residue on the stone, glass, or ceramic tiles. Tile Tape has many advantages over other tapes and the various front-mount methods in use today, making it a stable for mosaic tile artists and professional tile installers.

Tile Tape is easy to use: simply peel it off the roll and apply; no release paper to pull off and discard; no gluing necessary. It has excellent strength characteristics and will not tear or stretch. Our Tile Tape is also self-leveling and clear so the installer can see the tile pattern while installing. Tile Tape also breathes, allowing thinset to cure/dry. The adhesive is water resistant and is aesthetically pleasing when it is on stone, ceramic or glass tiles.

We stock rolls 6 inches and 12 inches wide x 50 feet and can make custom sizes and lengths for larger orders.

Back-Mount Mesh Papermesh-mount-4

Stone and ceramic tile manufacturers as well as companies creating mosaics, borders, medallions, accents, corners, and listellos use our Back-Mount papers to preassemble tiles into patterns.


We manufacture and stock 11-1/2 inches x 11-1/2 inches and can make 11-1/2 inches x 1/2 inches strips up to 11-1/2 inches x 99 inches long. Paper is 0.0115 inches thick, extra strength, white mounting stock. Surface is ideal for gluing, compatible with all appropriate adhesives. Holes are 3/8″ square, staggered.


We manufacture 1,000 foot rolls 11-1/2 inches. Paper is 0.0115 inches thick, extra strength, white mounting stock. This is a bi-directionally strong paper with good wet strength properties and excellent gluing surface. Holes are 3/8 inch square, staggered.

Back-Mount Fiberglass/Plastic Mesh

For many years tile fabricators have mounted stone, ceramic, and glass tiles on fiberglass mesh using glue to adhere their tiles. Fiberglass offers a strong waterproof meshing medium which, with our mesh, will not stretch or deform when pulled. It is excellent for making mosaics, borders, accents, medallions, listellos, corners and other pre-assembled shapes.

Our mesh is 2.7 oz with 30 holes per square inch. It is a leno weave, very rugged and will hold practically any size or weight tile.

Back-Mount fiberglass mesh is ideally suited for manual as well as automated application.


12″ inches wide, 300 feet on 1 15/16 inches core.

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