Applying Mesh-Mount Papermesh-mount-1

Whether you use our sheets or rolls, lay the paper down on a surface covered with release paper, like waxed paper, so your table isn’t later covered with drying glue. Then lay out our paper in a manageable size and pin or clamp it. Next, apply glue (white pva, Elmer’s, carpenter’s glue, or Tite Bond) with a brush, sponge, roller, or sprayer ( you may need to dilute the glue a bit to work in a sprayer but don’t overdo it-10%-15% water should be enough). Do this in small sections so untiled areas do not dry before you get to apply tiles. Be certain to apply the glue to the paper, not directly on the tiles. Then apply the tiles, top side up, so the backs of the tiles sit in the glue on the paper. It may be messy at first but it gets better each time you do it.

Conversely, as shown in the adjacent photos, you can apply the glued paper to the back of your assembled tiles and either flip it all over or apply some weight to the paper back to press it against tiles until dry.mesh-mount-2

Drying usually takes about 24 hours but that can vary considerably depending upon ambient conditions. Heating will accelerate drying so tiles can go into boxes in as little as 10 minutes.

If you have ideas to improve or simplify the procedures please let us know. Good Luck.

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